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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Patriots

ok. I think I like this blog thing. Almost as much as my Patriots. The outstanding football team from New England that will hopefully go 16-0 tonight.
Brady, Moss, and the Pats offense should also break some records.

How can they go wrong when their nickname is the "Pats" ??

sweet times to be a Boston sports fan.
Josh. this one's for you.


Josh Winheld said...

It must be tough watching all those great teams up there! Go Pats, though -- it's always great to see history being made...

Taunia said...

ZZZZZZZZZ. Football, what? I know, I'm a lousy New Englander.

Dude, you need to fix your layout - it needs to be macked out. I'll help you. Cawl me.